Wednesday, January 5, 2011


All I do is write improv,
I let it flow, and I don't really change anything after, so it might be rough around the edges. Everything I post on here is just freeflowing.

Choose to lose

What path follows what choice?
is it straight math or my voice?
I choose and lose so please excuse
my self-committed, sorry blues.

Turning back time with replays in your mind
only delays your progression through life
instead of reflecting, try respecting
the way the wind decides to blow

fate, fate, fate or free will,
I follow one yet get stuck still,
my mind is one mischievous windmill,
round in circles, up then down the hill.

I could compare to Greek mythology,
but that still wont fix what bothers me.
another victim of the butterfly.
analysis of life run dry.

I think I thought I felt you leaving,
when it was just me, my thoughts were fleeting,
in your head this worlds deceiving,
hard to believe we're not the demons.

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